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I received my training to practice Health Counseling at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition  (Columbia University), which is the only nutrition school in the world integrating all the different dietary theories—combining the knowledge of traditional philosophies like Ayurveda, Macrobiotics, and Traditional Chinese Medicine with modern concepts like metabolic types, blood types, secretor status, the glycemic index, and raw foods as well as the whole gamut of non-food nourishment.  I am accredited as a Holistic Health Counselor by the American Association of Drugless Practitioners.


Music, spirituality and nutrition have been common themes in my diverse and fascinating life.  Born in North Dakota, I overcame a sickly childhood (and unfortunate treatment by the medical establishment), largely through my youthful interest in alternative nutrition.  An early teacher provided the incentive for me to consider non-traditional food and lifestyle practices.  I achieved National Merit Scholar status and was listed in Outstanding Teenagers of America andWho's Who Among American High School Students.  I earned music degrees with honors from the University of Minnesota and Indiana University.

My musical career took me to Queensland, Australia for twenty-three years, from where I performed solo piano concerts internationally and taught many distinguished young pianists at two universities and in private practice.  My students are currently winning first prizes in international competitions and have become distinguished teachers in Australia, the USA, Germany, England, Singapore and Asia.  I also studied theology and pastoral counseling in Australia and worked for five years in full-time pastoral ministry at one of Australia's fastest-growing churches.  My own personal experiments with diet and nutrition while in Australia, in consultation with important Australian practitioners of alternative medicine, have proven to be of lasting significance.  I have personally overcome obesity, chronic fatigue syndrome, multiple chemical sensitivities and depression, all without the use of pharmaceutical drugs.

Since returning to the United Stated on September 11, 2001 I have worked for several years in the natural foods industry.  I also graduated with honors from the Fast Track Professional Training Program at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition (Columbia University) in New York City, and am now a Certified Holistic Health Counselor accredited by the American Association of Drugless Practitioners.  I am listed in the 2007-2008 Cambridge Who's Who Registry of Executives and Professionals, and have also been active as a leadership team member in Business Network International.  I love being present with people and guiding them to transform their lives through food and lifestyle changes.  I also enjoy animals, being in nature and listening to symphonies, operas and chamber music, as well as continuing to practice and perform the classical piano music repertoire.  You are cordially invited to share in my life wisdom and nutritional expertise in a FREE initial telephone or Skype phone/video consultation.  Just call 1-605-673-3316 or email me at  to schedule your FREE initial telephone or Skype phone/video consultation.


I wanted to let you know that I have lost 25 lbs. and have kept them off for over a year now!  I am eating pretty well overall, with the occasional slip-up.  I slip-up less now because my body does not react well to cheesesteaks any more.  The better I eat the better I feel, and the less I feel like eating bad!  Funny how that works!  I am forever grateful for your assistance!!

                                                                     Sue McKeown, Philadelphia, January 2011

I began a program with Eugene because I was feeling exhausted, was putting on weight that I could not seem to take off, and was not at all happy with my overall health.  I was on medications for high blood pressure, allergies and an irregular heartbeat that I had developed in graduate school, as well as having a litany of digestive issues.  I desperately wanted to get off my pharmaceuticals, improve my energy and sense of well-being and have better control over my health.  I talked my husband into doing the program too.  In the program I was educated about how little I really knew about nutrition and what worked for me.  I thought I had been eating correctly for years and was really surprised to find out how much I didn't know about what I should have been doing.  (I am a health care professional!)  I learned so much that I don't even know how to share what I have gained, however, I will say that this program has changed my life!  I eat organic, unprocessed foods and learned how to shop and select foods that are consistent with my blood and metabolic types.  I have lost seven lbs. (and didn't really have a weight "problem" to start with), have gotten off ALL of my pharmaceuticals, have NOdigestive problems at all and am truly a believer in this program!!  My husband also lost twenty lbs.!!  We both recommend Eugene wholeheartedly.  He is a nutritional guru as well as a terrific counselor.  We will NEVER go back to processed foods and traditional nutrition!

                                                                                               Pam Kauffman, July 2008

I lost twenty lbs., and at the end of the program I am still losing!  I have lost my beer bellyWITHOUT drinking less beer!!  And I am most happy about the way my clothes are fitting.  I am also delighted to feel better about myself, and am generally more relaxed as a result of an herbal supplement.  My digestive system is working so much better, and I am rid of gas and heartburn!  Also gone are the peaks and valleys in my energy level.  I have moved toward more fresh food and away from processed foods.  The sessions were always enjoyable and Eugene is a sincere counselor willing to share an abundance of valuable information with his clients in a pleasant and caring manner.

                                                                                                 Neal Spiker, April 2008

I was a food/nutrition teacher at high school level and always considered myself "on top" of this subject. However, from Eugene's program I found out some very interesting information.  When I first started I was overwhelmed by all the mistakes I was making in my diet.  I decided to take just what I could absorb.  Eugene was a gentle guide.  We ate meals at his home and shopped together.  I vowed not to make myself crazy, not to concentrate on how much change I would have to make, but just to start gradually incorporating my new information into our family diet.  I soon saw how EASY it was and made larger changes than the goals I had originally set.  Only this kind of gentle "no stress" approach could have worked with my busy life.  And Eugene is BETTER at listening to your troubles than any bartender or hairdresser alive!  I am now a graduate of Nutrition 4U, and yes, I do cheat frequently, but I also cook 70% organic foods, eat little cow-dairy products, and rarely eat gluten products.  I totally enjoy the red wine that is recommended for Blood Group A and have virtually no digestive problems ever!  I can always find good choices in restaurants.  I do carry some of my own "good food" with me to work, and for snacks.  My food cupboards have slowly become a better place for all to visit, even my grandchildren.  I am very happy and would recommend Eugene's genius to anyone, even those who think they know a lot about food, as I did!!

              Elizabeth Fleming, Realtor in the Suburban Philadelphia region, April 2008

I came to Eugene because I was much, much too fat and because my cholesterol was up and my doctor wanted to put me on Lipitor.  But I wanted to be taking LESS medication, not more!  After only ONE month of the health coaching program, I had lost 26 lbs., my total cholesterol is down 44 points, my triglycerides are down 63 points, my bad cholesterol is down 38 points, my good cholesterol is up 7 points, and my risk factor is down 1.8 points!!  And really, the only thing I did was change what I eat!! I have much, much more energy, and I am not tired all day like I used to be.  I no longer take a nap every day.  I am much more mellow and I feel that I am more in  touch with the world around me.  All from a turnip!! Who'd have thought??  Thank you Eugene a million times.  Thanks for your knowledge, your patience and your guidance!! 

                                                                                         Bernie E., December 2007

I began work with Eugene in order to deal with poor food habits, and as a result of the coaching program, I have learned to step back and identify foods and BEHAVIORS that are harmful to my immune system.  He was able to gently adjust my goals from simple weight loss to achieving a more holistic, healthful way of eating.  A pleasant fringe benefit is that my family is now relating to foods differently and they are intrigued by the introduction of many new food options.  Throughout our program, Eugene was only an email away for the entire six months.  His care and dedication to his clients are more than just professional--they are his mission!  I have decided to continue working with Eugene beyond the original program, in order to continue to have support on my holistic journey! 

                                                                                    Eileen E., December 2007

Previously I was unable to keep to any diet plan.  As soon as I would start a diet, I would desire and be totally focused on the food I was NOT able to eat!  But by working with Eugene, I have changed my habits to eating unprocessed foods and have now lost the weight I needed to lose.  I also had restless leg syndrome, which has disappeared by using a simple food supplement.  I listen to what Eugene says, as he is knowledgeable and inspires trust.  Eugene Gienger has changed my life!!

                                                                                      Jane B., December 2007

I found Eugene to be the embodiment of the "holistic" concept:  body, mind and spirit.  I've spent over a year working with him and was shown great patience in my progress.  If one thing didn't work well, or I disliked a food or a process, we simply tried something else until we hit on the right thing.  I started out with an addiction to sugar, but Eugene is so insightful that we ended up focusing on mind and spirit first, and body second.  So often he was able to sit on the outside of me and see things that were really at the root of my problems with food.  He zeroed in on so many things that I was often amazed at his talents!!  Small suggestions or just conversations about a "gentler" way of living were often all I needed to steer me down the path of a truer way of life.  Three men have changed my life drastically for the better, and Eugene is one of them.  "What the world needs now is Eugene, Eugene...No, not just for some..."--Oh come on, sing it!  You know the tune!!  I consider Eugene to be a rare gem--DON'T let him get away.

                                                                                          Barry K., March 2007

I have felt more peaceful since discussing issues with Eugene which were weighing me down relating to people who have differing beliefs from mine.  Now I understand their right to their beliefs and this has dramatically reduced my stress levels!!  I have also become convinced that what I eat has a tremendous effect on the way I feel.  I know that too much sugar is responsible for my terrible sinus headaches.  I have never realized before how important it is to eat well in order to feel good.  Eugene has also helped me to appreciate that it is OK to try new foods and not just stick to the routine stuff.  Thanks very much for expanding my thinking and helping me to have healthier thoughts!

                                                                                              Sandy O., February 2007

I started the program after many years of work on developing my own spirituality and trying to use as healthful eating approaches as possible.  With Eugene's coaching, however, I have accomplished all the goals I had set, with some unexpected bonuses.  I am eating quite a bit differently (to my surprise!), based on blood tests and other assessments of my unique chemistry and needs, have been introduced to a lot of delicious and exciting new foods, and also my "over-exercising" (often close to two hours per day) has been replaced with forty-five minutes of yoga, meditation and prayer.  The results of these shifts in my habits have been surprising.  I am more grounded that I have ever been before in my life (at the age of fifty-five years), my weight is slightly lower (which I am happy about!), and although I still have upsets, I have overcome a life-long tendency towards having these upsets lead me into depression!  I basically absolutely love the wonderful nourishing food that I am eating!  So, in summary, I have the highest degree of respect for Eugene and would recommend him without reservation to anyone interested in improving their health!

                                                                                        Monique G., December 2006

Thanks for introducing me to the various diets and food trends and helping to find the approach that works best for my body!  I am sure that there is no way I could have ever been exposed to all of this material on my own!  I am continuing to feel better, lose weight, and best of all I just had an appointment with my cardiologist.  He was confident to reduce some medications for hypertension and high cholesterol drastically, for the first time EVER!!  I explained that I had been seeing a health coach.  He didn't quite understand everything I was talking about, but said that whatever I was doing, to keep doing it!!

                                                                                       Dan D., December 2006

What a fascinating exposure to sea vegetables!  As a result of the program I am so much more conscious of food preparation and quality.  I've lost some weight and don't crave sweets any more.  Eugene was so supportive and a great presenter! 

                                                                                         Ann-Marie W., August 2005

Thank you so much for your endless knowledge and wisdom concerning ME--it was very impressive!  I greatly appreciate that you taught me how to eat and WHAT to eat.  You have truly been a blessing to me.  Thank you for your time, patience and love!!

                                                                                         George S., October 2005

I benefited most from the personality analysis and from the hands-on guided shopping tour of Whole Foods Market.  As a result of the program I am more energetic, have a much better understanding of food ingredients, and I think twice before eating, which enables me to make better choices for my needs.  You are a great listener and a real healer!

                                                                                        Rose C., December 2005

I am thrilled to have no gas or flatulence for the first time in years!  For having given me the opportunity for a second chance at life/health, I am truly grateful!  As a counselor you are theBEST--powerful, non-judgmental, spiritually aware--and your greatest strength lies in remaining in the background, rather than letting your own ego become involved.  As a result of the program, not only am I healthier, but I have personally become much more aware of the spiritual world and have a strong desire to pursue this!! 

                                                                                            Stephanie W., January 2006

I lost twenty lbs. and what I am most happy about is that I have been able to keep it off!  I also have more energy and clarity, and actually FEEL healthy!!  Sugar is always going to be a challenge for me, but my sugar cravings are much reduced as a result of carefully managing my protein intake.  I am impressed with your extensive knowledge on so many different topics.  You are compassionate, patient and very supportive.  I think you are awesome!! 

                                                                                                 Helena S.,  January 2006

During the program I have lost weight and my energy level has increased.  I feel more satisfied and have fewer cravings.  I am able to listen better to my body, eat more consciously, and my universe of food has greatly expanded.  Eugene was accepting, knowledgeable and consistent.  I would recommend the health coaching program to anyone!! 

                                                                                         Emily V.,  January 2006

Eugene is a very caring and knowledgeable counselor.  He will help you wade through all of the (sometimes confusing and contradictory) information about food so that you can focus on specific changes that will make you feel better--often in ways you weren't expecting.  In my case, for example, we increased my protein intake and eliminated soy and peanuts, which ended up decreasing the pain in my knees to the point that I didn't need to take glucosamine.  I'm still struggling with sugar, but I have made progress with it.  Thanks, Eugene!!

                                                                                        Dorothy S., May 2006

I had the pleasure of working with Eugene Gienger as my personal health coach for one year.  He was much more than a nutritionist!!  He was a counselor who shared his vast knowledge, but who was also generous in giving me some food gifts at the sessions that I would not have bought for myself.  This helped me to realize how valuable I am as an individual and how precious my health is.  Eugene is a life-changing professional!!  Thanks, Eugene.

                                                                                        John C., May 2006

For me, the program was one of DISCOVERING:  how to discern my body's needs when things seem out of sync, how to make the best food choices among various food options, and how to approach goal-setting more positively, reducing harsh self-judgments.  I am beginning to enjoy preparing food, and am cooking much more of my own food, even by-passing the desire to eat out so often.  I received good support and lots of gentle "kicks in the butt" in my quest for a healthier life.  The best part was the shopping tour--I would like to do several more!!  And I loved my parting gift, both a permanent reminder of the need to de-stress and an enablement to do so!

                                                                                          Ann D.,  June 2006

Eugene delivered on everything that was promised during the free initial consultation, and then some!  Your case was always presented with a gentle authority.  The program is as helpful as anyone could ask for:  the tapes, books and CD's were uniformly interesting, and the surprise food gifts were always intriguing.  The personal cooking classes were not only helpful but FUN!!  Thanks for everything!!

                                                                                          Robin G.,  July 2006 

As a result of the six-month program, I have come to the realization that the majority of food in our society is toxic, and sold on the basis of profit-making rather than sound nutritional principles.  Therefore, one must take extra care to obtain and prepare one's necessary nourishment, and paradoxically, this becomes a means of de-compressing from the daily stresses of life.  I would say that this program was a wonderful complement to my exercise regimen!!  Considering Eugene's background and talents as a pastoral counselor, this amounted to a unique course in mind-body development, using the perspective of nutrition.

                                                                                       P. Bogart, MD,  July 2006

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