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Name: Messianic Rabbi Joel Liberman
Date: 09/30/2011
Message: Shalom Eugene! A beautiful job on your website! Wonderful music that the Lord has anointed you with! Thank you for the encouragement in our ministry. I will keep your future bookings in prayer. Blessings during this High Holy Day season!

Name: Emily
Date: 09/30/2011
Message: Hi Eugene. What a great pleasure to hear you play again. I see you are performing the Franck Symphonic Variations, I wish I could be there! All the best.

Name: Kathleen McNally
Date: 09/30/2011
Message: Hi Eugene - It's great to hear your gift once again! What a musician! With the presentation of the piece, you, the piano and the music are one - what an inspiring talent you possess. Thank you for sharing the beauty of your gift for all to admire, treasure and enjoy. Best to you!

Name: Lynn S. Bachrach
Date: 09/29/2011
Message: Splendid!

Name: Mark E. Herrick
Date: 09/29/2011
Message: Very Nice Website!!!

Name: Matt Batchelder
Date: 09/29/2011
Message: Bravo Eugene! Very Nice Site. That is something to really be proud of.

Name: Mike & Alice Wadsworth
Date: 09/29/2011
Message: Great website. The overhead views are amazing and mesmerizing.

Name: Lowell Holmgren
Date: 09/29/2011
Message: The site looks good! The video of your playing is an excellent touch. I will mention the site in my letters.

Name: Sharon Winckler
Date: 09/29/2011
Message: Your new site is wonderful!! Great samples of your talent and the video is great because you are able to see the ease at which you perform with amazing quality.

Name: David Pitman
Date: 09/29/2011
Message: Pianist perfection that makes me feel like practicing more :) Hope to make it to one of your upcoming performances... Lovely website with perfect music on it.

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