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Dakota Pianist
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"His Easter performance before several thousand was warmly received with a standing ovation...blends classical style and well-known Christian melodies with great success...has a tremendous talent and a relaxing manner."
Pastor Richard Oddie, Christian Outreach Centre, Mansfield

His mastery of the concerto's (Brhams Concerto No 2) every nuance as well as its towering technical demands, was complete and amounted to nothing short of a musical revelation...Gienger played the entire solo recital with an otherwordly, effortless assurance that simply transcended any technical or musical obstacles."
Thomas Wellin, Conductor, Bismarck/Mandan Symphony Orchestra

(Brahms Concerto No 2) "As the pinnacle of the piano concerto repertoire...requires a pianist of consummate technical and interpretive powers...there was no question of Mr. Gienger's total command of this great music".
Dr. Marylee Prebys, University of Mary, North Dakota, USA 


 "Pianistic to bring up young pianists of a high level."
Natasha Vlassenko, Queensland Conservatorium, Brisbane, Australia


"A consummate artist...his piano playing reflects great musical sensitivity, all-encompassing technique, stylistic authority and ease of execution."
Professor Joseph Rezits, Indiana University

 "A valuable acquisition to Australian music-making...a true musician...a tower of strength...the spur of virtuosity lends spirit to Mr. Gienger's playing, though it contains more than mere fireworks."
John Villaume, Courier-Mail, Brisbane, Australia


"Mr. Gienger literally held us in suspense...he obviously has what it takes to command an international following...his scintillating technique was much appreciated."
Northern Star, Lismore, Australia

"I am satisfied that Mr. Gienger is among the most brilliant and exciting pianists at present living in Australia.  His repertoire is extensive, his training impeccable and his technical achievement formidable."
Dr. James Penberthy, Australian Composer

(Mozart Concerto, K271) "Beautifully polished, limpid, and delightfully fluent, with a finely expressive and deeply felt slow movement"

(Liszt Concerto, No 2) "Displayed splendid musical virtuosity of a kind one does not hear too frequently...has the sort of tone which can cut through the full orchestra without hardness but which also can be scaled down to a rich cantabile and a silvery pianissimo."
Dr. William Lovelock, Courier-Mail, Brisbane


"A brilliant pianist, a sensitive and thinking musician with a big repertoire." 
Menahem Pressler, Beaux-Arts Trio

"A musical experience few will forget...there was magic in the air...Eugene Gienger served notice that he (like Woodward and Saba) is capable of producing the gamut of orchestral effects from the pianoforte and often enough, almost the same volume...must have drawn on deep wells of stamina and concentration."

"Maestro Gienger...demonstrated his masterly technique combined with a formidable musical memory and engaging, informative introductions...played at Grand-Prix speed despite the demanding trills and arpeggios...displayed technical brillance on a grand scale, navigating the minefield with apparently ease...a performance which reached the pianistic peaks."
David Wadham, Toowoomba Chronicle

"Mr. Gienger left no one in any doubt about why he has been the recipient of so many scholarships, awards, and piano prizes...had much to teach us with his tremendous piano technique and consummate artistry...proved beyond all doubt that he is a sensitive musician of considerable is quite rare to find a performer so young interpreting with such a depth of feeling."
Norma Goldner, Gold Coast Bulletin, Australia
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